Please note that for during the period of the Covid 19 crisis, we have switched to online meetings. Please request an invitation to attend.

We meet every Wednesday evening from 7PM to 9PM at our location at 1751 Wentworth Street, Unit 1, in Whitby, Ontario. If you are looking to enhance your speaking, presentation, meeting, skills and leadership skills. If you want to be a club that follows Toastmasters International Guidelines, then we are the club for you.

To receive a meeting invitation contact:

Dan White
1-905-728-2100 ext. 203

Meeting Etiquette

  1. Be on time. If you are going to be late, let the Toastmaster know so adjustments can be made.
  2. If you are unable to attend a meeting be sure to let the meeting scheduler know, so that they can adjust the agenda.
  3. Put your mobile device on Airplane mode and put it in your purse or pocket. If it is critical that you receive a call or message; “Put your device on vibrate, and leave the room if you have to take the call or return a text.” It is impossible to be on the device and be aware of what is happening at the moment. It also sends out a negative message.
  4. Be prepared when you do have a role. Check the website for a reminder of the role duties.
  5. Attend meetings…even when you don’t have a function, we often need replacements for last minute cancellations. A good reminder is that table topics is a lot of fun and those without roles get to participate in table topics.
  6. Never eat during meetings except for at break time. In general, this is protocol for most meetings, not just for Toastmaster meetings. The smell of food can be unpleasant for others. We have a meeting break, so you can always go to the small meeting room to eat, if you are unable to get a bite before the meeting.
  7. Always stand when you are speaking for any reason.
  8. Pay attention to the agenda so that you are ready perform your function when called upon.
  9. No offensive topics/language should ever be used. Avoid politics, religion, and sexual topics.
  10. Do not carry on side conversations during meeting, this is disruptive and disconnects you and the party you are speaking to from what is going on at the time.
  11. Do not use meetings to sell your products/services. Members get to know you and will contact you if they want to buy something from you.
  12. Always show courtesy and respect to all members.
  13. When you are giving up the lectern, wait for the presider to arrive at the lectern and shake hands, then return to your seat.
  14. We always applaud for every member who stands to speak for any reason and again when they finish.
  15. It is appropriate to clap until a person gets to the lectern and then after they speak and then again until they return to their seat.
  16. When speaking, project your voice so that people at the back of the room can hear you.