I decided to get back in the saddle in writing a newsletter. This is not just a factual newsletter, rather it is also a reflection of what is going on in our lives including Toastmaster stuff.

Time really flies, here we are at the beginning of September 2022 and we are looking forward to a fresh start. September is the time we look within to find areas we can grow as professionals.

The difference between January and September, when it comes to resolutions is that in September, we actually do something about improving ourselves.

It is time to think about what our next Toastmaster year looks like.

First let’s look back to a year and a half ago. This is what our meetings looked like. In Toastmasters’ members come and go.

Today our club continues on, we will miss those that have moved on for various reasons and embrace our new members who are excited about their new Toastmaster adventure.

Relationships never end, they just change. People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a life time. All reasons apply to Toastmasters Whitby Pros.

Covid has changed our lives, in some ways for the better. For Julie and I it changed our lives, for the better. We downsized the business and pared down the services we were offering. We were in Yelverton, Ontario. Not thinking about moving. Now here we are settled in Gilbert’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

Our decision to move to Nova Scotia was an awesome one for us. Nova Scotia is a great province where life is slower and people are friendly. Looking out over the waters of St. Mary’s Bay brings out emotions. Yesterday I took pictures of a Bald Eagle, perched on a tree overlooking the Bay.


Sometimes we have spectacular sunsets. This is a shot of the back of our house with the sun setting over the bay.

Sometimes we have eerie fog. This is a night shot of our house in the fog.


The Sun always comes up.  This is a sunrise over our back yard.



Now more about our club. Your executive committee has been busy. We completed and submitted our success plan for this year. We have drafted our Constitutional Options and our updated club bylaws. We are having a panel discussion on this at our next executive meeting on Tuesday September 13.  After that meeting, we will be calling a club business meeting to vote on these items.

We will also at that time have an election regarding the executive position of VP of PR and VP of membership. Julie in addition to her role as club secretary, is standing in for now on the role of VP of PR. She has been conducting an ad campaign for new members. Dan in addition to his role of President, is standing in for now as VP of Membership.

We are approaching club fee renewal time. Early payments will always be welcomed by our loyal and diligent Club Treasurer Sanjeevan.

On September 14, we will be having a Special Open House in person club Event meeting with another guest appearance of Roger Caesar. He will be speaking on the subject of “Is communication Broken?”  You won’t want to miss this meeting. As this is an open house meeting, we would appreciate it if you bring a guest. Please be sure to register for the event on Eventbrite as this is a requirement to be able to attend.


Join us at this special Open House Event. “Is Communication Broken?” Toastmasters Whitby Pros Presents – Roger Caesar DTM – an inspirational, passionate professional public speaker and dynamic speech coach, driven to continuously helping people find their voices and maximize their greatness. He has competed 7 times at the District level, and has won an unprecedented 5 speech titles. In 2021 World Championships of Public Speaking Roger took home third place honors, placing him TOP 3 in the world! He is actively involved in Toastmasters as a leader and mentor to several clubs and members, inspiring others to strive for continuous growth and development as individuals and professionals.


Here is the special open house event registration link.



*** Now would be a good time to register for this event. It is just an easy click away and It’s done. Space is filling up quickly.

We welcomed Aakanksha Sonic as our newest member and are excited to have her join us and to share the joys of the many benefits that Toastmasters offer.

On our last meeting of August, we had an amazing meeting. Joan conducted a panel discussion on evaluations. It showed different views on the secrets of powerful evaluations.

Julie did a fun spin the wheel for your Table Topics subject.

Tess did another fantastic speech about the River to Hell.

Next Wednesday will be another meeting you won’t want to miss.


That’s all for now.

See you all this coming Wednesday.

Dan White


Toastmasters Whitby Pros