Greetings my fellow Toastmasters

Well! What a meeting we had last week. We had a full online meeting with 20 members in attendance and 3 guests.

We had a new role, the role of Listener by Joan Winter. It was a great idea to adopt to test our listening skills.

We were all very happy with the meeting. It is really nice that we could all get together and enjoy each other’s company.

The next day, your executive also had an online meeting. We looked at what we could do to make the meetings even better.

We realized that two hours for an online meeting is too long for some people, so, we are cutting down the meeting time to 90 minutes.

There are a number of things, we can do. We have cut out the break, as it is not needed with a 90-minute meeting.

There is no need for a business meeting at the current time, so we have cut that out in favor of just having announcements at the end of the meeting.

What we decided was to make the meeting punchier, especially to create a heightened sense of fun and excitement.

We have rebranded the title of “Listener” to “Quizmaster,” who will test our listening skills.

We have added the role of TM Tipmaster, who will deliver a tip about meetings or about being a Toastmaster.

We have added a role for motivational Quote by the Quotemaster.

The voting for best Table Topics will now be done by an online poll (online vote). This will reduce the time for voting and counting to less than one minute.

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