Issue 15, Volume 1

A word from President Dan

Another great meeting last Wednesday. Great speeches by Mitchell Notarangelo, Nick Iliopoulos and Michelle Liu. Pamela Norbraten won the best Table Topics award.

Next meeting as you know is the Tall Tales Contest, we currently have 7 contestants. This will be a night of great entertainment worthy of a professional show format. This is where our members will compete for the most creative and best delivered tall tale.


An unofficial guide to understanding Toastmaster acronyms.

TI or TMI: Toastmasters International
TLI: Toastmasters Leadership Institute (Bi-annual officer training given by the District)
COT: Club Officer Training

Current Educational Awards:

CC: Competent Communicator
AC-B: Advanced Communicator Bronze
AC-S: Advanced Communicator Silver
AC-G: Advanced Communicator Gold

Current Leadership Awards:

CL: Competent Leader
ALB: Advanced Leader Bronze
ALS: Advanced Leader Silver
DTM: Distinguished Toastmaster

Previous Legacy Program Educational Awards:

CTM: Competent Toastmaster (outdated designation, replaced by CC)
ATM: Advanced Toastmaster or Able Toastmaster (outdated designation)
ATM-B: Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (outdated designation, replaced by ACB)
ATM-S: Advanced Toastmaster Silver (outdated designation, replaced by ACS)
ATM-G: Advanced Toastmaster Gold (outdated designation, replaced by ACG)
AL: Advanced Leader (outdated designation, replaced by AL-S)

Club Officers:

PRES: President
VPE: Vice President of Education
VPM: Vice President of Membership
VPPR: Vice President of Public Relations
SEC: Secretary
Trea: Treasurer
SAA: Sergeant At Arms

How We Fit into the scheme of Toastmasters:

1. Club – Toastmasters Whitby Pros Club # 7489836
2. Area 45
3. District 60
4. Division E

District Officers:

AD: Area Director
DivD: Division Director
DG: District Director
PQD: Program Quality Director
CGD: Club Growth Director
IPDD: Immediate Past District Director
PDCD: Past District Director
PIP: Past International President
ID: International Director
IPID: Immediate Past International Director
PID: Past International Director
IP: International President
IPIP: Immediate Past International President

Miscellaneous Acronyms:

HPL: High Performance Leadership Project
DCP: Distinguished Club Plan (10 Goals aimed at Club Success on a yearly basis July 1st – June 30th)

Update from Education Director, Julie

Hi everyone! I want to say that the speeches being delivered at our club are super. All of our members are working hard and it shows. I know I may sound like a broken record BUT Toastmasters has a lot of offer. Eleven (11) specialized learning programs in public speaking and leadership waiting for you.

Many members have completed their icebreakers, received evaluations and given at least one additional speech. These achievements qualify to be registered in Level 1 of your Pathway. I will be reaching out to members to offer assistance in activating and launching Level 1 Pathways. If I could offer a word of encouragement…….Pathways is consistent in its structure. Once you overcome the initial orientation of how to login, access and submit your icebreaker you will be sailing! Everything else that follows will be the same in its layout and structure, just the content will change. It’s easy! I created a tutorial in Issue 12, Volume 1 of the newsletter that outlines how to get started and register your icebreaker.

Check it out at

Pathways is designed to help you build the competencies you need to communicate, lead and succeed. The content you will master results in real world transferable skills. Members are going to want to be challenged in preparing and delivering speeches as we ring in the new year. Your chosen Pathway is the source. My goal is to help all members get started and advance in Pathways.

Please feel free to request a one on one tutorial by sending me an e-mail: