Issue 6, Volume 1

A word from President Dan

Wednesday night was another stellar meeting.

In the business section of the meeting, we voted to bring back voting for the best table topics. Effective next week we will be awarding an award for the best table topics. The speakers and evaluators will remain as is with no awards.

We are having a social at Dan and Julie’s place on Saturday Oct 26. Arrival time around 1:00 PM onwards. It will be a pot luck. More details to come. This event is to recognize the charter that should be in place prior to that and to celebrate their marriage. (No need for gifts, just bring food.)

I think I have the wrinkles out of the scheduling and the agendas. We will not be having the schedule or agenda in the newsletter going forward. Because of the rapidly changing schedules of our members the schedule is always in flux right up to the day of the meeting. Your role won’t change but those around you might.

This weekend Todd will complete the members only area of our website. You will be able to sign up with an ID and PW. There you will always find the latest version of the events. The data there is currently up to date but can’t be seen until we create the members log on feature.

Once the sign on feature is working, that is where we will all check our roles. Make sure to check your role the day before to make sure you know who is doing what. The goal is to have as little changes as possible.

I do appreciate that the members have been awesome about letting me know if they need to have a change made.

A good thing to remember is that if you are giving a speech that will be more than 7 minutes to let me know well in advance so that we can make sure we adjust accordingly to ensure that the meetings don’t go over time. We also need to make sure that we only have one longer speech per meeting.

Don’t forget to get your costume/scary outfit picked out for the Oct 30th meeting.

We are having an open house on Oct 16th for guests, so be sure to invite your friends. Now that we have gotten into a routine, we see that people’s lives changes interferes with them attending meetings, we realize that we need a few more members to ensure we have at least 18 to 20 members in attendance at each meeting Last meeting we had 3 members away on business and one too busy to attend for a while. We are maintaining a high level of enthusiasm within our members, which means we don’t have a problem. We just think 18 to 20 minimums is a magic number.

See you all next Wednesday


Bits and pieces from Terry Lynch, editor

About the Hallowe’en Meeting October 30:
Be sure to figure out what costume, be it the whole shabang costume, or a minimal image change…. be it ever so little or ever so big, lets plan to have extra fun that evening.

New Website:
Soon, thanks to Todd Morgan, our new website will be in place and will also host an online version of the newsletter.

Please let me have your contributions!
In order to keep the newsletter relevant and be of value to our members, please let me have any feedback/input/comments that you would care to contribute. This is vital to generating the synergies that we need to continue to grow both individually and as a group.

(416) 315-1787